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Drumstick Cement

Drumstick Core Cements are used in tire building to adhere the first ply of carcass fabric to the building drum. The stick is rubbed across the drum at the point where the fabric is to be attached. A sufficient quantity of the adhesive will rub off on the drum to allow fabric to be attached easily.

Drumstick Cement are sold in the form of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 9" sticks, packed approximately 25 one pound sticks to a carton. The minimum order is 50 pounds of any of the standard grades.

Rubber City Industries offers three types of drumstick cement:

#29970 Black Curing Cement - Standard
This cement is easy to apply to the building drum. It goes on smoothly and will not cake up in spots, as many other core cements may. It also offers easy removal of the tire from the drum because the product will pull free readily. Use of a curing cement is advantageous in that the cement that sticks to the tire will cure. This product is excellent for use in building tires with a safety liner.

#29973 Black Curing Cement - Standard
This is the same type of cement as described above, except that it is softer. Because of the softer consistency of this stick, it may be used when a higher degree of adhesion is required than can be obtained with the above drumstick core cements. The softness of this stick allows more cement to be applied with each "pass," this providing higher adhesion.

#29982 Black Curing Cement
This cement is required for use with NRM tire machine models 59H and 59J.



Rubber City Industries Drumstick Cement

Rubber City Industries' Drumstick Cement

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